Black Belt Requirements

First Degree Black Belt

First Degree Black Belt Requirements


  1. PARTING OF THE SNAKES - Front Right Punch And Rear Attempt By Two Men
  2. THRUSTING LANCE - Front Right Knife Trust While Your Arms Are Down
  3. BLINDING SACRIFICE - Front Two Hand Grab Or Choke
  4. SNAKES OF WISDOM - Flank Left And Right Shoulder Grabs By Two Men
  5. ENTWINED LANCE - Front Right Knife Thrust
  6. FALLING FALCON - Front Right Direct Lapel Grab
  7. MARRIAGE OF THE RAMS - Right and Left Shoulder Grabs (Close) By Two Men
  8. THE RAM AND THE EAGLE - Front Right Punch And Left Collar Grab By Two Men
  9. REPRIMANDING THE BEARS - Front Right Punch and Rear Bear-Hug By Two Men, Arms Free
  10. UNFOLDING THE DARK - Left Step Through Punch From Right Rear Flank
  11. PIERCING LANCE - Front Right Knife Thrust While Your Arms Are Up
  12. ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS - Right Punch From Right Side
  13. ENTWINED MACES - Front Right And Left Punch With Opponent's Left Leg Forward
  14. FATAL DEVIATION - Front Left And Right Punch With Opponent's Right Leg Forward